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By John B. Olson


“Bury me standing. I must be buried standing.”

Deep in the swamps of southern Louisiana, Mariutza’s beloved grandfather whispers his ominous last request--and dies in her arms. All her life he's looked after her. He's trained her in the old Gypsy ways and kept her hidden away in the swamp. But now…

The Badness has found her.

Mari’s only hope? Journey to the city to find Jaazaniah the Prophet, the legendary hero of grandfather’s bedtime stories. But how can a girl who has never left the swamp survive the terrifying world of men long enough to find a savior who may not even exist?

In the heart of New Orleans, musician Jazz Rechabson runs for his life. Everyone is out to get him. Soldiers, government agents, mysterious hooded men. What do they want? And who is the beautiful young woman who haunts his waking dreams?

Can strangers from different worlds come together in time to unmask their common enemy? And even if they could understand what is happening, will they be able to STAND?


"I interloaned this book from my library! It is one of the best books I have read recently. I could not put it down. Mari is such as compelling character."
- Carina on September 10, 2010

"Powers is Olson's best writing yet! Compelling and fast-paced, it's a fabulous read!"
- Ronie on October 14, 2009

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