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A Father in the Making (Love Inspired\Hearts of Hartley Creek)

By Carolyne Aarsen


Family At Last  Nate Lyster and Mia Verbeek are in perfect agreement—letting someone new into your life is much too risky. Mom to four kids, Mia can't let just anyone get close, while wandering cowboy Nate learned young that trusting another means chancing heartbreak. But when a fire turns Mia's life upside down, Nate is the only one who can get through to her traumatized son. Nate fits into Mia's family perfectly, and they soon realize that a loving family is what they both want. Can they put the hurts of their pasts behind them…for a chance at a perfect love?  Hearts of Hartley Creek: In this small town, love is just around the corner

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the third book in the Hearts of Hartley Creek series and deals with the third female member of the book club, Mia who was introduced in the Home to Hartley Creek series. I was looking forward to telling her story.


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