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Unexpected Father (Love Inspired\Hearts of Hartley Creek)

By Carolyne Aarsen


Newfound Family  Denny Norquest has a plan. Lease a ranch in Hartley Creek and raise cattle. But the baby dropped in his lap changes everything. Soon he's deep in diaper duty—with no end in sight! Bookseller Evangeline Arsenau feels compelled to help the handsome single dad care for his little girl. She's learned the hard way that men can't be trusted, but Denny's unexpected devotion to his daughter has her falling for dad and baby. Is she willing to let down the boundaries she's placed around her heart for the chance at happily ever after?  Hearts of Hartley Creek—In this small town, love is just around the corner

Book Takeaway:

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the second book in the Hearts of Hartley Creek series and tells Evangelne's story, owner of the bookstore.


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