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The Firefighter's Match (Love Inspired\Gordon Falls)

By Allie Pleiter


A Healing Match  After serving overseas, former soldier Josephine "JJ" Jones needs a fresh start. And Gordon Falls is just the place. When JJ meets executive Alex Cushman, her world is turned upside down. Alex is seeking a respite from all the pressures of his multimillion-dollar business. And the beautiful firefighter might be the answer to his prayers. But a secret lies between them. One so big, it threatens to end their love before it's even begun. Can she ever trust Alex when she finds out he may be responsible for a family tragedy that changed all their lives? Gordon Falls: Hearts ablaze in a small town

Book Takeaway:

Even the most tangled relationships can be sorted out by God's grace

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to explore what happens when two people face enormous obstacles to reach other that seem insurmountable, and what it would take to bring them together.


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