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A Hero in the Making (Love Inspired Historical\Brides of Simps)

By Laurie Kingery


Man on a Mission… Nate Bohannan won't let anything stand in the way of his grand plans in California. Even if it means traveling there with unreliable huckster Robert Salali. But after a destructive bender in Simpson Creek, Texas, the unscrupulous Salali runs out, leaving Nate to carry the blame—and the debt. He can fix broken furniture…but can anything fix the despair in café owner Ella Justiss's eyes? When her café was destroyed, Ella felt sure she'd lost her dreams along with it. Yet somehow Nate's cheerful care and optimism fill her with hope again. Painful secrets from her childhood make Ella wary of men. When danger threatens, will Nate be the hero Ella can finally trust—and love? Brides of Simpson Creek: Small-town Texas spinsters find love with mail-order grooms!

Book Takeaway:

People are not always what they seem, and sometimes those that seem as if they would be least reliable turn out to be heroes. Such a man is Nate Bohannan, the hero in A HERO IN THE MAKING. The verse for this book is "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: thereby some have entertained strangers unawares." (Heb.13:2)

Why the author wrote this book:

I've long been fascinated with old-time medicine shows that travelled from town to town in the old West. It was interesting to find out that some of the old cure-alls really did contain snake oil, and that was one of the least dangerous ingredients! :) I was also interested in the plight of orphans in the 1800's, and horrified to learn that they were often housed together with the insane...


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