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Only Uni

By Camy Tang


Senior biologist Trish Sakai is ready for a change from her wild, flirtatious behavior. So Trish creates three simple rules from First and Second Corinthians and plans to follow them to the letter. No more looking at men as possible dates, especially non-Christians. Second, tell others about Christ. And third, she will persevere in hardship by relying on God. And just to make sure she behaves, she enlists the help of her three cousins, Lex, Venus and Jennifer, the only Christians in their large extended family.

But Trish's dangerously tempting ex-boyfriend, Kazuo the artist, keeps popping up at all the wrong moments, and her grandmother, who has her eye on his family money, keeps trying to push the two of them back together again. Then there's Spencer, the hunky colleague at work who keeps turning Trish's thoughts in the wrong direction.

It just isn't fair! She's trying so hard, but instead of being God's virtuous woman, she's going nuts trying to stand firm against two hunky guys. Trish thought following her three rules would be a cinch, but suddenly those simple rules don't seem so simple after all.

Book Takeaway:

This theme of daily surrender to God has permeated my life, so naturally it permeates my books, too.

In SUSHI FOR ONE, Lex had to surrender her own plans for herself to God and accept His will for her.

In ONLY UNI, Trish has to surrender all of herself—her faults, her mistakes—in order to fully walk with Christ. And maybe like herself a little better in the process.

Both are things I’ve struggled with in the past, and continue to struggle with. Trish has a really hard time accepting who she is, how God made her, and how to like herself. I’ve struggled with the same things.

Just this past weekend, I went to a family gathering where there were lots of skinny, petite Asian girls (and young, to boot!), and I had to once again war inside myself with my self-esteem.

I have such a hard time accepting myself for who God made me. I’m always comparing myself with others and wishing I were “better” or “different.”

Trish is a little different from me in that she has a better handle on who she is and accepting herself better than I do. But we both struggle with wondering if we need to do more, be more, in order for God to love us.

The truth is that God loves us and is there for us no matter what we do. Even when we feel awful because we’ve done something to disappoint him, He still loves us. That’s the bottom line. Satan likes to make us forget that.

So I hope you read Trish’s story and get a bit of encouragement and hope amidst all the funny stuff that happens to her. I think she’s a fun character, but she’s dear to my heart, too.

Why the author wrote this book:

One of my biggest struggles as a single Christian woman was lusting after guys, plain and simple. And I know I wasn’t the only one. But it seemed my church and singles group just didn’t want to address the issue. They talked a lot about guys’ lust, but not girls’ sexual desires, as if we were imbued with more self-control because of our chromosomes.

But I think most women have faced a situation where she’s drawn to the bad boy she knows she shouldn’t spend time with. I wanted to show a real Christian woman with real flaws, and how she struggles and overcomes her low self-esteem and lustful nature.


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