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Mississippi Brides: 3-in-1 Historical Collection (Romancing America)

By Diane T. Ashley, Mr. Aaron McCarver


Head to Mississippi in a 3-in-1 collection of historical romances. . . . Alexandra Lewis’s life no longer makes sense. After her father’s death in a shootout, she feels pressure to carry out her duty to her family and wed, regardless of love. Abigail LeGrand won’t be hindered by marriage. Until she catches the eye of an itinerate preacher. Caroline Pierce never dreamed someone like Luke Talbot would propose. But the promise of marital bliss quickly turns to civil strife as they disagree on everything from slavery to faith. Can God change hearts before love drifts away with the river? 

Book Takeaway:

Never underestimate God's plans for your life.

Why the author wrote this book:

To show how God works in our lives even when we cannot see it.


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