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By Mary Davis, Cathy Marie Hake, Judith Mccoy Miller, Lynn A. Coleman, Lena Nelson Dooley, Linda Ford, Linda Goodnight, Kathleen Paul, Janet Spaeth


Expanding western borders, taming the land, and finding a place in which to live and love defines the pioneer heart. Within this unique collection are nine complete stories of romance on the American Great Plains penned by nine different multi-published authors, these stories guarantee hours of reading pleasure to warm the heart and inspire one’s faith.

LOVE LETTERS (Mary Davis) - Laurel has just lost her father in a bank robbery of his own scheming. She is ashamed of his behavior, the only solace she finds is in the sheet of music she discovers propped up on the piano in the church. She thanks God for sending her the music. Ethan has his arm in a sling because Laurel's father shot him in the holdup. She can't bear the shame to face him. Ethan thinks Laurel hates him because he is the one who killed her father.


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2008 Book Of the Year ACFW Award for Love Notes


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