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Brothers Keeper

By Terry W. Burns


Brother's Keeper is a humorously delightful story written from the hand of well-known western author and storyteller, Terry W. Burns.

From the first page Terry grabs our emotions as James Jackson faces the devastating loss of the family farm. With no way to provide for his aging mother, and his twin brother, Ross, long gone, James does the only thing a decent son can do. He heeds his ma's request and they go looking for Ross with all of their earthly belongings strapped into a wagon.

Terry has the gift of plopping you into the opening scene and not letting go until the last page has turned.

Wonderfully written!

Book Takeaway:

Brotherly love

Why the author wrote this book:

Two identical brothers but one takes the high road and one the load road - but what will happen when the chips are down?


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