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Shepherd's Son

By Terry W. Burns


Jay Mendelson's father died and the only way Jay and his mother can keep their ranch is to switch from raising cattle to herding sheep. Jay isn't happy with the change at first, but to his surprise he finds he doesn't mind the wooly creatures at all. But this is cattle country and the local ranchers don't want sheep for neighbors. Led by Blake Johnson, who practically runs the town and surrounding country, the ranchers are determined to get rid of the hated sheep. They don't have anything against Jay, but if he gets in the way,it's his tough luck.

Blake sends Rafe Silbee, a man who served with him in the war, and Rafe's hired guns to attack Jay. They even shoot his dog, which was a mistake. The ranchers, who don't mind if a few sheep get killed but it's going too far to shoot a man's dog. Besides, Jay and his mother are well liked in town. Instead of being frightened by the attack, Jay is even more determined to hang on to what is his.

Carrie Sue, Blake's daughter loves Jay Mendelson and she isn't afraid of her father or Rafe Silbee and his hired killers. The war heats up and Jay is outnumbered as Rafe calls in reinforcements, but with God's help and the love of a good woman, he doesn't stand alone.

I grew up reading Luke Short, Max Brand, Zane Grey, and B.M. Bower. Terry Burns is right at home with those great western writers. You can't miss with this one.

Book Takeaway:

Anything is possible if we can get past stereotypes and prejudices and reach across traditional boundries

Why the author wrote this book:

Classic theme - sheep in cow country - but what happens when the villan gets saved half way through the book and it takes on a whole new life of its own?


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