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Enduring Justice

By Amy Nicole Wallace



Hanna Kessler’s childhood secret has remained buried for over two decades. But when the dark shadows of her past threaten to destroy those she loves, Hanna must face the summer that changed her life and the man who still haunts her memories.


As a Crimes Against Children FBI Agent, Michael Parker knows what it means to get knocked down. Difficult cases and broken relationships have plagued his entire year. But when the system fails and a white supremacist is set free, Michael’s drive for retribution eclipses all else.


A racist's well-planned assault forces Hanna and Michael to decide between executing vengeance and pursuing justice. The dividing line is the choice to heal. But when the attack turns personal, is justice enough?

Book Takeaway:

I pray Hanna and Michael’s story challenges readers to look deeper into what they believe about God, themselves, and others. Because in the end, it’s what we believe— not what we’re supposed to believe— that determines the course of our lives.

Why the author wrote this book:

Enduring Justice required me to take a terrifying leap off the cliff of comfortable as I dove into one of the character's secrets and raised questions about what healing requires. My motivation in doing so was to showcase how healing is a choice and that all of us who have survived painful experiences can learn to dance even in the storms of life.


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