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Protecting the Widow's Heart (Love Inspired\Home to Dover)

By Lorraine Beatty


To Love and Protect

Ginger Sloan’s had enough of heartache. She just wants a peaceful place where she and her son can start over and feel safe. Getting stranded in a Lakeside cabin outside Dover, Mississippi, isn’t part of her plan. Then again, neither is falling for the cabin’s handsome owner. Injured on the job, detective Tyler Durrant retreats to his cabin to heal. He’s shocked to find the single mom and her son there. And surprised at the way Ginger affects his heart. For the first time in years, he has hope for the future, but can he convince Ginger that she can find a safe haven in his arms.

Book Takeaway:

Fear can rob us of our joy in life and make us doubt our abilities. Fear doesn't come from God.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to explore what would happen when a woman crippled by fear through a violent incident met up with a man who made his living as a police officer and faced danger and violence everyday.


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