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Too Good to Be True

By Trish Perry


Rennie Young meets the gallant Truman Sayers, a handsome young
labor-and delivery nurse, after she faints in the boys’ department of
the local Wal-Mart. Tru seems like a gift from God. But a recent
divorce and other life disappointments cause Ren to question whether
she can trust her heart and God.

And then there are their mothers . . .

This clever novel encourages readers to lean on God’s leading and
to be open to life after the hurt—even when it seems too good to
be true.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes it can be difficult to give control of one's life to God, but if we continue to turn to His will, He will amaze us.


Year Title Description
2008 RWA/FHL Inspirational Readers' Choice Award Finalist
2008 Georgia Romance Writers' Maggie Awards Finalist
2008 Lake Country Romance Writers' Barclay Gold Awards Finalist

Why the author wrote this book:

I actually got the idea for Ren's story before writing Kara's. I wanted Ren to be funny but somewhat vulnerable emotionally. I knew her story would have much to do with our timing versus God's. I had specific romantic encounters in mind for her and Tru. The more serious facets of the story—surviving divorce, infertility, trying to adopt, and honoring one's humorously manipulative parents—just started floating around in my head while I folded laundry, applied my makeup, drove to the grocery store. As often happens, the random ideas settled into place once I sat down at the computer and got to work. That "settling" is one of God's many blessings during the writing process—great fun!


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