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Always Remembered (American Tapestries series)

By Janelle Mowery


From the siege of the Alamo to the battlefield of San Jacinto, this epic story of Texas's struggle for independence shows that freedom and love are always worth fighting for. Miles Fitch wants to regain his father's land in south Texas, so he joins the fight for freedom from Mexico. Inside the Alamo, he is drawn to a dark-eyed beauty Rosa Carter -- until he suspects that she is feeding information to the Mexican army. Forced to leave the mission, Rosa watches helplessly as Santa Ana's army closes in. Did the man she love somehow escape or survive the battle? And if he did, how will she ever prove to him that she is not a traitor? American Tapestries series -- Each novel in this line sets a heart-stirring love story against the backdrop of an epic moment in American history. Whether they fought in her battles, built her cities, or forged paths to new territories, a diverse tapesty of men and women shaped this great nation into a Land of Opportunity. Then, as now, the search for romance was a major part of the American Dream.

Book Takeaway:

We can all accept one another and coexist in peace even though we don't agree on everything.


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