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Awakened Love

By Laura V. Hilton


Twenty-one-year-old Katie Detweiler loves to bake.
When she’s hired at a local bed-and-breakfast to
do just that, she’s excited, especially because the owner
promises the shy young woman that she won’t have to
leave the kitchen. But when her boss’s husband requires
round-the-clock care, Katie is forced to overcome her
shyness and wait on customers, as well. Before long, a
“customer” reveals himself to be a private investigator
who informs Katie that she was adopted, and that her
biological sister needs a bone marrow transplant.
Twenty-two-year-old Abram Hilty has fled the drama
of Shipshewana, Indiana, for Seymour, Missouri, where
he’s staying with his cousin Micah Graber. His plan is to
hide, from a girl he no longer cares about—and also from
a cold-blooded killer. Uncomfortable sharing his past and
afraid of the consequences, he buries his troubles deep
inside. When he meets Katie Detweiler, he is immediately
attracted, but his pursuit of her is complicated by the
problems of his past.
As Katie wrestles with questions of identity, she also
struggles to navigate her blossoming romance with
Abram, in the face of opposition from a jealous friend.
As their relationship becomes more serious, Abram can
no longer conceal the truth about his past. But parts of
that past rear their heads, barring the way for a marriage
between them—at least for now. Through dangers and
near-death experiences, Katie and Abram must find their
way back to each other. But only the power of forgiveness
can bring them together for good.

Book Takeaway:

Up to the reader, but I took away forgiveness

Why the author wrote this book:

God laid it on my heart.


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