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His Brother's Wife

By Charlotte S. Snead


Is Angelique a gold-digger-or an angel? Jonathan is determined to find out. When David Carter, a wounded war veteran, is gunned down in the streets of Washington, D.C., his twin brother, Jonathan, loses his best friend. Convinced that the Army nurse David met at the rehabilitation hospital and recently married is only after the Manhattan Carters' wealth and power, Jonathan charges into Angie's office at Walter Reed to deny her the estate...only to find out that David hid his family's origins from her. The sister-in-law Jonathan had refused to meet for months confounds his expectations. Frail, beautiful, blonde Angie claims she wants nothing to do with the notoriety of her husband's prominent family. But Jonathan is determined to fulfill his twin's last request-to care for his wife-which now includes an unborn child. As their two worlds collide, and the media is stirred into a feeding frenzy, Jonathan's heart is stirred by unexplainable longings for home and family. But will his twin's lovely widow ever be able to see him-without seeing his brother? A tender tale of courage, triumph, and lasting love in the most tragic of circumstances.

Book Takeaway:

God can take us through the deepest tragedy and bring us into larger life. When we think life is over, perhaps it is just beginning.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was in and out of Walter Reed hospital caring for a relative, and I saw these brave men, our soldiers. Their courage after the battle touched my heart. What happens after they return home, and if they do not?


"This book is dedicated to "those families who have lost their loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan, and to all our special ops troops and their courageous wives. This says it all."
- Charlotte on February 23, 2013

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