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The Magistrate's Folly

By Lisa Karon Richardson


Merry Lattimore’s dull existence as a governess shatters when she is accused of a theft she didn’t commit. Narrowly avoiding hanging, Merry is sent to Virginia as convict labor. When her sole friend, a slave woman, is accused of murder, Merry’s conscience is torn between her desire to return to England and her determination to battle injustice.

Magistrate, Graham Sinclair, could not deny the weight of the evidence against Merry and bound her over for trial. When new evidence comes to light, however, he secures a pardon. Hounded by guilt, he tracks Merry down in Virginia. Drawn into the fight to save a slave woman, he finds himself drawn also to the woman whose life he helped ruin.

When attempts are made on her life and the case seems to be crashing down around them, Merry must trust Graham with her life, but can she trust him with her future?


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