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A Connecticut Christmas

By Rhonda Gibson, Janet Lee Barton, Diane Ashley, Gail Sattler


Snowbound Village, Connecticut is full of holiday charm, especially at the mall's Christmas Collectibles Shop where romance is in the air. Nick Jackson seeks to add to Delia Wilkin's collection of Santas and turn her heart toward Jesus. But will working so closely with Delia become awkward since he has ended their romantic relationship? Jonathan Griffin shops for something to enhance Cindy Morrow's new cookie shop and attract her attention. Will Cindy slow down enough to recognize the plans the Lord has for her when she's presented with a cookie jar full of love? Sheila Fisher's storytelling is inspired by Morgan Frost's collectible critters. When she meets the man to ask permission to write about his creations, will the encounter lead to dreams of love or dreams stolen? Rochelle McWilliams collects snowflakes, adorning everything with them, much to Kade Guilford's chagrin. Will Kade allow Rachelle to melt the ice around his stubborn heart? Will these four couples find a love beyond their greatest wishes this Christmas?


Year Title Description
2009 2009 Inspirational Reader's Choice Contest 3rd place
2009 ACFW BOOK OF THE YEAR 1st place

Why the author wrote this book:

I love Christmas and I collect "Charming Tails" so when I was asked to join this novella collection, it was a great opportunity to share my love of Christmas, Charming Tails, and most importantly my love for Jesus.


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