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Harbinger of Healing

By Connie Stevens


Charity Galbraith--reporter for Keystone Magazine--is on assignment documenting the progress of Reconstruction when she arrives in Juniper Springs, Georgia. She is also searching for her friend's lost son--and the truth about her own father, a Union army officer who never returned from the War of Southern Rebellion. But she is unprepared for the lingering bitterness that remains in the South and in her heart.
Dale Covington used to be a wealthy landowner and a Southern aristocrat ... before the war stole everything. Now he is dodging memories of his past life. When he meets Charity, she reminds him of his physical and emotional wounds. The very idea of her mending his heart is unthinkable.
As Charity and Dale both nurture the remnants of war, can they find a path to forgiveness?

Book Takeaway:

Harbored bitterness destroys, but surrender and forgiveness releases.

Why the author wrote this book:

Everyone deals with issues of resentment. Whether the animosity is buried deeply or worn as a badge of honor, it must be faced and surrendered before healing can take place. Too many people hinder their own relationships--with others and with God--in their refusal to relinquish their bitterness. It is my hope that readers of Harbinger of Healing will discover the sweetness of forgiveness and healing.


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