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Black Sands

By Colleen Coble


Even a tropical paradise can have fire surging beneath.
Even a loving family can break each other’s hearts.

Even an unforgivable act can be redeemed by love.

Volcanologist Annie Tagama loves her family with a fierceness that lights up her quiet exterior. But unseen forces seem to be tearing the family apart with the fury of the hot lava that seethes beneath their Hawaiian home. And the only person she can turn to for help is the man she blames for all the trouble.

Mano Oana can’t get past the guilt of what happened to his best friend on that devastating day in Iran. He’s even taken leave from the Navy to make amends to that friend’s family and help them out of trouble for which he’s partly responsible. But how can he get them to trust him when he can’t even trust himself?

Like Distant Echoes, the first book in Colleen Coble’s popular Aloha Reef series, this page-turning story combines mystery and suspense with tender romance in an irresistible island setting.

Book Takeaway:

God looks on the heart.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a book with an ordinary woman instead of a beautiful one.


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