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Firefly Island

By Lisa Wingate


At thirty-four, congressional staffer Mallory Hale is about to embark on an adventure completely off the map. After a whirlwind romance, she is hopelessly in love with two men—fortunately, they’re related. Daniel Everson and his little boy, Nick, are a package deal, and Mallory suddenly can’t imagine her future without them.

Mallory takes a leap of faith and begins a sweet, mishap-filled journey into ranch living, Moses Lake society, and a marriage that at times reminds her of the mail-order bride stories. But despite the wild adventure of her new life, she discovers secrets and questions beneath her rosy new life. Can she find answers on Firefly Island, a little chunk of property just off the lakeshore, where mysterious lights glisten at night?

Book Takeaway:

It's not so much where you are, it's learning to enjoy what God has given -- a beautiful world, some people near and far, and your family, both real and a church family if make that choice. And, why wouldn't you?

Why the author wrote this book:

I had the experience of moving to a Hill Country Texas ranch that was an hour from a Wal-mart when I didn't even know there WERE places an hour from a Wal-mart. My husband and I and our little firstborn experienced many of the happenings in the book, both the problems and the joys. I got serious about my writing, my husband coped with a demanding boss as the ranch manager, and my little guy enjoyed nature, learned to swim in the creek, played on the ranch equipment, etc. As I was remembering all this one recent day, I started my lets pretend game of making up characters to put them in that setting and the idea just grew. All so fun to write and recall that special time in our lives.


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