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Found in the Woods

By LoRee A. Peery


Beth Phillips returns to Platteville, Nebraska in order to begin a new life and to hide from her abusive ex-husband. The secluded cabin offers a chance to stay hidden and to draw closer to God, but Beth quickly discovers she is not alone in the woods. She befriends a curious, displaced wolf, but instead of fearing the animal Beth finds comfort in his company.

When field biologist, Aiden Holt, follows up on reported wolf sightings, he finds the animal and Beth Phillips. With emotional baggage of his own, Aiden usually prefers animals to people, but Beth's passion to keep the wolf draws Aiden in. Experience tells him the wolf needs relocation. His heart tells him he needs Beth Phillips. He camps nearby to capture the wolf, but can he capture Beth's heart, too?

Two souls, each lost in their own way, are brought together by one of God's beautiful creations. Will the Lord's path to their destiny be found in the woods?

Book Takeaway:

Readers should realize the Lord can do anything in a life yielded to Him. Our value is in Him and we have victory in Him once we set aside fear and extend grace to others.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the fourth in the Frivolities series. Beth is the ex-wife of my first hero, Eric, in Moselle's Insurance. Beth is an overcomer who deals with an abusive past. There is hope for anyone no matter what haunts us or how we view ourselves.


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