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Lightning and Lace

By DiAnn Mills


Bonnie Kahler, immersed in grief since losing her husband, attempts to rise from the ashes of mourning. Will love and faith give her the power to conquer the demons within and evils without? In an attempt to outrun his past, Preacher Travis Whitworth arrives in Kahlerville, incognito. When he stumbles across a dead body, suspicion falls on his shoulders. Is Travis in too deep to win Bonnie's love? As Bonnie finds herself drawn to Travis, her life and heart are threatened. When secrets unravel, will she be strong enough to face the twisted truth?

Book Takeaway:

In historic Texas, two unlikely people survive tragedy and gossip to find love and purpose.


Year Title Description
2008 DiAnn Mills Christy Nomination

Why the author wrote this book:

To show how love finds a widow who believes her world has ended.


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