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Bees In The Butterfly Garden

By Maureen Lang


Raised in an exclusive boarding school among Fifth Avenue’s finest, Meg Davenport has all she’s ever needed . . . but none of the things she’s wanted most, like family, or dreams of a future that includes anything other than finding a suitable match. So when her distant father dies, she seizes the chance to throw etiquette aside and do as she pleases. Especially when she learns that John Davenport wasn’t the wealthy businessman she thought, but one of the Gilded Age’s most talented thieves.

Poised to lead those loyal to Meg’s father, Ian Maguire knows the last thing his mentor would have wanted is for his beloved daughter to follow in his footsteps. Yet Meg is determined, and her connections to one of New York’s wealthiest families could help Ian pull off his biggest heist yet. But are they both in over their heads? And in trying to gain everything, will they end up losing it all?

Book Takeaway:

This novel explores the subject of forgiveness—God's for us and ours toward others. One of the elements included is an example of the difference between justice, grace and mercy.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book was inspired by the title—I was sitting near a window in my house and happened to notice the flowers I'd planned to attract butterflies only seemed to draw bees. Feeling sorry for myself, I said: "I plant a butterfly garden and all I get are bees. Bees in the butterfly garden. Hmm. Hey! What a great book title that would be." And so I developed a theme of my hero and heroine setting out on a very wrong path, only to discover God's love and forgiveness along the way.


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