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Newlywed Games

By Mary Davis


It was just a little white lie--meant only to make her mother's final hours happy...

Then a strange twist suddenly sends Meghann's life out of control. Her handsome boss, Bruce Halloway, is no longer just her make-believe boyfriend, but her make-believe husband-- and her suddenly hale and hearty mom is flying out to meet him!

Meghann Livingston can't disappoint her mother now. What choice does she have but to continue the charade and fabricate a business trip her "husband" can't get out of--one that coincides with her mother's visit?

Meghann's mascarade might have worked, too--except that instead of dropping out of sight, Bruce shows up at the airport. And instead of giving Meghann away, he decides to play along with her game. And oh, does he play the part of doting husband well. Too well...

When it means risking everything, will Meghann have the courage to do what her heart--and her faith--are telling her is right? Will she 'fess up to the truth--and to her feelings?

Book Takeaway:

Lying leads to chaos.


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