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Love Reunited

By Renee Andrews


Eight years ago, Landon Cutter dared to tell his childhood sweetheart that he loved her--days before her wedding to another man. But Georgiana Sanders sent him away forever. Now, the former soldier returns to their Alabama ranching town and discovers that Georgiana is a single mother--and lost her sight in a long-ago accident he believes he caused. Landon has never stopped loving the sweet country gal, but Georgiana thinks he's just trying to make amends. Now he'll need to help of a community--and one special little girl--to heal old hurts...and bind two hearts.

Book Takeaway:

Never give up on God, and never give up on love.

Why the author wrote this book:

To convey that God's plan is perfect, even if it seems everything has gone wrong momentarily, everything works together for His purpose.


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