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The Doctor's Devotion

By Cheryl Wyatt


A Doctor’s Vow

When he fled Eagle Point years ago, former
air force trauma surgeon Mitch Wellington left
only broken dreams behind. Now he’s back with
a new dream—opening a trauma center in the
rural area and saving lives. He hopes to hire the
quick-thinking nurse who impressed him during
an emergency. But Lauren Bates lost her faith
and doesn’t believe she deserves to help anyone.
Mitch knows firsthand what loss feels like. And
it’ll take all his devotion to show Lauren that
sometimes the best medicine is a combination
of faith, community—and love.

Eagle Point Emergency:
Saving lives—and losing their hearts—in a small Illinois town.

Book Takeaway:

God's blessings and unexpected romance abounds with prayer and trust and big dreams born even on a battlefield become a reality when people come together in community.

Why the author wrote this book:

My publisher asked me to write a medical miniseries, since they felt that I write caregivers well. Also because I have a nursing background. I love to honor the military with my books, hence why the lead character is former military. I love the happily-ever-after that romance offers readers.


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