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Heart of Honor

By Connie Stevens


Abigail Locke resents having to leave the fort at New Echota and travel to Raleigh, but she has no choice. Her father insists, and no amount of resisting will change his mind or help their already strained relationship. Then Abby learns a dishonorably discharged officer is to be her guide and the situation becomes more bleak--leaving Abby uncertain whether to trust a dishonored soldier. As the journey progresses, she's even less sure of his ability to lead her and her companion to their destination.

From the start, Nathaniel Danfield knows the journey ahead will be rocky. If dealing with the stigma of a tarnished name weren't enough, now he must deal with Miss Locke's constant stream of complaints and criticism, too.

Can Abby discern the truth from what she's been told about Nathaniel? Will Nathaniel be able to show Abby the kind of man he is before the dangerous journey tears them apart?

Book Takeaway:

The peace that comes with the assurance of God's restoration is more valuable than earthly positions of power or rank.

Why the author wrote this book:

For those living under the condemnation of others, it's often a struggle to consciously separate man's opinion from God's acceptance. I hope readers who have felt the sting of rejection and disapproval of others will be reminded that who they are in Christ surpasses the labels of judgement employed by man.


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