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Something Blue

By Dianne Christner


A Hero Isn’t Always Easy to Spot

Life is going well for Megan Weaver. She has the job of her dreams working with Chance Campbell, a charming and daring missionary pilot. Then Micah Zimmerman moves into her parents’ home as a pastoral candidate for the Big Darby Conservative Mennonite church. It wouldn’t be so bad, except Megan remembers her unkindness to Micah as a gawky young man who once had a crush on her in college. But even though Micah has improved, he’s nothing compared to Chance.

Micah finds that his heart for Megan hasn’t changed, but he’s having to battle to keep the single women in the congregation at bay. Megan is struggling as well, fighting her attraction to Chance because he doesn’t share her Mennonite beliefs while coming to value Micah’s renewed friendship.

As Megan wrestles with her own personal identity and faith she begins to see the true difference between Chance and Micah. But will her insight come too late, or is there still time to find the hero of her dreams?


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