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Something New

By Dianne Christner


Reluctant to give up her hard-won independence, Lil Landis must leave her friends at the doddy house and return to the family farm to care for her depressed mother. Lil is ashamed of her humble farm roots and plain clothes. She wishes her family attended a more progressive Mennonite church. But one thing that is not plain is Lil’s flair for cooking. She dreams of becoming head chef and hopes this talent will get her far away from the farm that is sinking into debt and keeping her from following her lifelong goals. When her dad’s livestock gets sick, the new veterinary student catches her eye. Fletch Stauffer attends a liberal Mennonite church. He has dreams of his own, which take him undercover at the Landis farm. As Fletch is drawn deeper into deceptive ambitions, he finds himself falling for spunky Lil and at odds with his dream. Will determination and mistrust cloud their thoughts until their goals—and love—disappear?


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