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Limited Light

By Carla Rossi


What happens when a big city career girl... Successful financial advisor Marti Randolph is returning home to grandma in small town Madison, Texas after a disastrous relationship with her boss. Expecting a marriage proposal, she was devastated to find he was already married. Already finding it difficult to accept God's mercy and forgiveness for her mistake, the situation is made worse by small town gossips who won't let the rumors of her workplace romance and subsequent resignation die. ...meets a small town single and seeking pastor? Jim Bowman is the pastor of Marti's grandmother's church. Not only is he looking for a traditional wife, but he's about to embark on a building campaign to house his growing flock. He is met with opposition from the congregation's older members who are set in their ways. Jim needs Marti's financial expertise to devise a plan that will be suitable for everyone. She's happy to help, but insists she's just passing through. Romance blossoms through humorous situations and faith-building obstacles as these two realize... God doesn't always send us what we want... He sends us what we need.


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