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Healing Autumn's Heart

By Renee Andrews


To Make A Child Smile
Little Autumn barely speaks--and rarely smiles. So as a fresh start for both himself and his daughter, widowed doctor Matt Graham moves to a small Southern town. There they happen across a lovely young woman named Hannah Taylor. Something about Hannah awakens the girl, and suddenly Autumn is full of sweet chatter and laughter. In remission from the very illness that took so much from Matt and Autumn, Hannah seems to understand what the family of two needs. She's healed his daughter's heart. But can he open his enough to accept her love?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes the brightest light is shown after a passage through darkness.


Year Title Description
2011 Award of Merit, Holt Medallion Contest - Short Inspirational Award by Virginia Romance Writers for Best Romantic Fiction 2011

Why the author wrote this book:

Because breast cancer has affected so many lives, not only through those who have lost their battle to the disease but also to those who have survived and live with the possibility that their disease will return. This book is to show that God is there through the struggles and that His love will see you through the darkness and help you find light again.


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