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Her Valentine Family

By Renee Andrews


Part-time college student and full-time single mom Jessica Bowman returns to Alabama to raise her little boy, Nathan, in the only home she's ever known. The last person she expects to see is Chad Martin, her first love. He doesn't know that Jessica's been keeping a secret from him. What he does know is that he never stopped loving her. But Jessica realizes that her silence stands in the way of their reunion. If she takes a leap of faith and reveals the truth, will she find that love and forgiveness are the sweetest Valentine gifts of all?

Book Takeaway:

All things are possible with God.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to show that God has a plan and a purpose in everyone's life. His plan will always work out for the best, as long as you trust in His plan and understand that things must happen in His time.


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