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Into the Free

By Julie Cantrell


Millie Reynolds knows firsthand the shame of family secrets. With an abusive father and a “nothing mama,” she craves a place of true belonging. Over time, the gypsies that travel through town each spring offer acceptance. Then tragedy strikes and Millie leaves her world of poverty to join a prominent family on the other side of town. There, with the help of unlikely sources, Millie uncovers painful truths about her family’s past as she struggles to face a God she believes has abandoned her. When unconditional love is offered, Millie learns the power of forgiveness and finally discovers where she belongs.

Book Takeaway:

Readers close the book asking, "What kind of Christian do people see when they look at me?"

Why the author wrote this book:

Originally, I was fascinated when learning about an actual event that took place in Meridian, Mississippi in 1915 -- a "Gypsy" queen was buried and more than 20,000 people attended the elaborate funeral. I conducted quite a bit of historical research but ended up with a fictional story told through the voice of a girl, Millie Reynolds, who overcomes tremendous struggles in life. I guess if there's anything I want people to think about when they read this novel, it's that our choices really do matter ... every single one of them.


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