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All Roads Lead Home

By Christine Johnson


Hendrick Simmons despises her. Mariah Meeks doesn't blame him--not after she rejected the handsome mechanic's proposal two years ago. She's certain she's not meant for marriage. All Mariah's energy goes to one purpose--her work as an agent of the Orphaned Children's Society.

Now a prodigal father's return threatens a boy under Mariah's care. Mariah insists on approving the lad's future home for herself, even though it requires a cross-country drive that's too dangerous to take on her own. For the child's sake, Hendrick agrees to join her. Can a journey of 2,000 miles bridge the distance between them...and reveal where Mariah truly belongs?

Book Takeaway:

Anything is possible with the Lord's help.


Year Title Description
2013 Write Touch Readers' Award Winner Inspirational/Traditional Romance category

Why the author wrote this book:

In 1926, my grandfather and his brother drove across the United States. His story inspired me to send a character cross-country to a place I love--northwest Montana.


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