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The Lady of Bolton Hill

By Elizabeth Camden


Set in gilded age America, industry giant Daniel Tremain cannot forget the woman he has idolized from the time he was an adolescent. Clara Endicott has grown into a woman whose passionate newspaper articles expose the dark side of industry. When circumstances reunite these childhood sweethearts, the spark that once existed between them quickly flares to life.

But behind Daniel’s success, Clara’s journalist instincts detect a story. When she writes an exposé on a situation involving Daniel, her words have consequences no one could have foreseen.

Book Takeaway:

Although I did my best to weave some pretty weighty themes of forgiveness and redemption into the book, what I really hope is that people simply enjoy reading it. The characters in this book have huge dreams and are willing to risk everything in order to make them happen. When they fail, they do so in a spectacular fashion. When they love, it is with both hands stretched out and no-holds barred. Whenever the drama gets a little heavy, I try to inject some glimpses of wit and joy into the mix. I want this book to be a delight to read, despite the sometimes weighty themes.


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