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Fatal Reality

By Jonathan Wakefield



When media celebrity Kyle Borders wins a spot on Extreme Mortality, the biggest reality show ever, he’s determined to use the opportunity to live out his faith before the worldwide audience.

Daniel Vats, the show’s creator, has never killed anyone, but he can hardly wait to start. Kidnapping the contestants, he thrusts them into a fight for survival of the fittest, forcing them to run a perilous race to the death—televised on live feed before the world—on a remote South Pacific Island.

Who will live? Who will die? And why is Daniel so vehement about proving Kyle a phony? The shocking revelations will stun the watching audience.

Book Takeaway:

We rob Satan of his power when we are honest about our shortcomings, facing them head-on and thereby allowing God to turn them into our greatest strengths.

Why the author wrote this book:

I have always loved thrillers that pack an emotional and philosophical punch. I'm also intrigued by the cultural impact of the reality-show industry, so I thought it would make a fascinating story to thrust a Christian into a reality show featuring a diverse cast of strong characters and forcing him to react as the show is taken hostage and turned into a battle for survival.


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