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Reclaiming Lily

By Patti D. Lacy


When a deadly disease strikes the Wang family, Harvard graduate Dr. Kai
Chang must alert Lily, the sister Kai left on orphanage steps. Standing in her way is Gloria Powell, a Fort Worth pastor's wife who distrusts Kai and thinks her entry into Lily's life will send the troubled seventeen-year-old over the precipice of teenaged angst.

A Texas-sized tornado whirls about the meeting place of the Kai and
Gloria. Tempers and cultures collide. Can Kai, Gloria, and Joy reconcile
their differences, surrender their dreams, and allow God to implement a plan
that provides supernatural, unbelievable joy?

Book Takeaway:

With God's help, people from diverse cultures can unite to battle seemingly insurmountable problems.

Why the author wrote this book:

A courageous doctor who now cares for my mother shared her story of commitment, love, and honor.


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