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Scars of Mercy

By Connie Stevens


Everett Behr goes to great lengths to maintain his distance from people so they won't stare at the disfiguring scars he sustained in a fire. A budding friendship with Tillie O'Dell eases his loneliness, but he is convinced she is only being gracious out of pity. Asking her to endure the humiliation of being with him is out of the question.

Tillie sess Everett's scars as noble since he put his own life in danger to save others. In her eyes, his courage and compassion define him as a man of character. How can she convince Everett his scars represent something beautiful to her? If Everett can see himself the way God does, he'll realize his scars are marks of mercy.

Trusting in God's enduring love, Everett finds a hiding place sweeter than any earthly device can afford, but has he destroyed any chance he might have had for happiness with Tillie?

Book Takeaway:

God never discards His children because they are flawed, and therefore imperfect. He works on each of us until He has made us new again.

Why the author wrote this book:

Everyone experiences scars. Some are physical and visible. Others are emotional or spiritual, and invisible. How we deal with those scars is a choice we must make. It is my hope that people will view their own scars in a different light after reading this book. SCARS OF MERCY is a love story, but not just between Everett and Tillie. It's a story of God's love for His imperfect children.


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