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Quiet Deception

By Ann Gaylia O'Barr


Todd Edwards, the much-loved son of a minister, and Byron White, who suffered from an abusive father, grew up together under the tutelage of Todd's father in the changing culture following the Second World War.

Both settle into professorships at Adair University, but Byron's actions cause resentment and jealousy among several faculty members. Then, one evening, Dr. White disappears...and is never seen again. Todd fears that his harsh accusation against Byron for a heinous wrongdoing may have contributed to what happened. The unfinished business haunts Professor Edwards like a bad dream.

When Kim Frazier, Todd's student, stumbles on the mystery, she's convinced one of her professors is responsible and won't stop until she finds the perpetrator.

Only one person knows the startling truth.

Book Takeaway:

The way we react to hurts, those inflicted both by life and by others, determine our character and can have repercussions far beyond our imaginings.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to find out what happened to Kim, the young heroine of my first book, FIRST LIGHT. I wanted to see how she managed the conflicts between her Christian upbringing and the more permissive culture around her as she entered adulthood. Along the way, I fell in love with her conflicted professor, Todd Edwards and had to find out what made him the way he was. Also, of course, Byron---was he victim or perpetrator?


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