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Something Old

By Dianne Christner


Back cover copy for “Something Old”

Love is Rarely Plain and Simple

Katy Yoder lives a simple, sheltered lifestyle ensconced in the traditions of the Conservative Mennonite church and holds a naïve black-and-white world view. With her parent’s approval, she moves in with a childhood friend. But after taking a temporary position as a nanny, gray begins to cloud her world as she finds herself forced to bend the rules.

On top of that, her friends clutter her mind with their progressive ideas—like ditching the prayer cap—forcing Katy to delve into these issues herself. She emerges even more obstinate about her cherished traditions. And she turns judgmental toward those who believe differently…

…including former flame, Jake Byler, who has returned from sowing his wild oats to win back her heart. Certain he’s not the man for her, Katy’s not prepared when Jake’s patience begins to wear a hole in the wall she’s built around it. But this time, can bending keep her heart from breaking?

Why the author wrote this book:

My agent suggested that I write from my Mennonite background. I have enjoyed this more than any other work I've done.


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