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Finding Jeena

By Miralee Ferrell


Jeena’s new job with Browning and Thayer promised big things, and she intended to take full advantage in every way she could. New clothes, new townhouse, new car and new furniture were just the start. Rumors around town cast her new boss in a shady light, but she set aside her uneasy feelings…the money was good and his ethics weren’t her concern.

A few weeks later her world began to shake. Her salary wasn’t paid on time and things were happening in the office that didn’t bode well for her future. Money was missing and the investors were making trouble. Her boss disappeared and his partner was left to take the fall, along with anyone else associated with the company.

Jeena’s carefully crafted world began to crumble and her struggle with alcohol began to rear its head again. Dragged into court to be interrogated was only the beginning....


"She lost everything and had to go to a shelter, the fear of many women. I recommend this book."
- AJ on May 31, 2010

"Finding Jeena is such a touching story, she is so self-centered and after the big career and the money that goes alone with it, which she only thinks of herself. She has a few friends that she tried t"
- Edna on May 24, 2010

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