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Soaring Home

By Christine Johnson


Small-town girl Darcy Shea aspires to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. All she needs is a plane, flight lessons--and the luck to avoid marriage. A husband would never allow her to fly, let alone truly soar. When test pilot Jack Hunter crash-lands practically in her backyard, her prayers seem answered...almost. The dashing aviator won't let her near his plane--or reveal the real reason he's keeping her grounded. But Darcy won't give up until both their dreams come true. And even after conquering the wild blue yonder, she may find that love is truly the greatest adventure of all.


Year Title Description
2011 Winter Rose Inspirational category winner

Why the author wrote this book:

Women's role in the earliest days of flight has fascinated me for years, since seeing an exhibit at the Frontiers of Flight museum. I had no idea so many women took to the air before Amelia Earhart, when aeroplanes were unbelievably dangerous. How quickly we forget those who paved the path. I longed to tell a story of one such daring aviatrix.


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