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Revealing Fire

By Connie Stevens


Pearl Dunnigan is in her September years, well beyond the age when most women fall in love. She married her childhood sweetheart years ago. Now as a widow, she operates the only boardinghouse in Willow Creek, Iowa, and is content with life. . . until Hubert dares to convince her to dream again.

During Hubert Behr's youth, blind ambition and careless actions destroyed his family and his marriage. Have the lessons he's learned since then made him worthy of a second chance, or has his past made him unsuitable for love? Hubert is willing to try again, but what will Pearl say when she learns his secrets?

Hubert's estranged son arrives in town, and his anger and scorn threaten to undo Hubert's and Pearl's plans. When all the truth is revealed, will their love be destroyed or refined by fire?

Book Takeaway:

Everyone has a past, but past regrets don’t have to destroy present blessings when God is in control.

Why the author wrote this book:

Hubert and Pearl were minor characters in the my first book, LEAVE ME NEVER. I so fell in love with these two characters, I wanted to give them a story of their own. Additionally, as I've grown older, I've come to realize that anyone who as lived into their fifties or sixties, hasn't gotten that far without a few regrets along the way. Everyone learns by experience and wishes they could turn the calendar back and do things over. REVEALING FIRE is a story that shows God is a God of second chances.


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