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Restored Hearts

By Eileen Hinkle Rife


One brother's dark secret.
Another brother's scorn.

Will family ties be strong enough to bind two wounded hearts, once the secret is revealed?

Newlyweds Gavin and Maggie Munsfield return to care for the sick and wounded at The Oasis Compound in Chennai, India, which is still suffering from the recent tsunami. Gavin's brother, Tim, a successful landscape architect, joins them for the clean-up and rebuilding of the Compound. But Tim harbors a dark past that threatens to destroy his relationship with his brother . . . and a promising new love.

Book Takeaway:

I want readers to know that there is hope and healing for those who struggle with same-sex attraction. I also want readers to come away with a better understanding of the root causes of homosexuality. Furthermore, I want readers to understand that the ground is level at the foot of the Cross. We ALL struggle with some form of sin, addiction, or stronghold from which we can only truly be set free by Christ. With this knowledge, I pray that readers experience a heart change that will provoke a greater love, sensitivity, and outreach toward others who may be sitting right next to them in the church pew.

Why the author wrote this book:

A few years ago, my husband, a licensed professional counselor and marriage/family therapist, asked if I would write a pamphlet on homosexuality which he could use in his office. I agreed and delved into research. However, it didn’t take long to realize I didn’t have the stomach for what I was discovering, so I abandoned the project. A couple years ago, the Lord renewed my interest in the issue and pushed me to pursue the topic in a way I had not envisioned—in fiction format.

As I walked through this journey with Tim, God used his story to shed light on my own healing journey. While I have not struggled with homosexuality, I have battled other equally devastating strongholds in my life. In writing Tim’s story, I learned in deeper ways to identify with another fellow struggler. And in doing so, my own prison door flung open and I was set free.


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