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The Cure

By Athol Dickson


Imagine a medicine that takes away your greatest vice. One dose and you’re free. How much would a person pay for such a cure? How far would they go?

Would they lie for it? Steal for it? Kill for it?

An old woman fleeing a horrific monster, a favorite son consumed by guilt and whiskey, a lonely wife and mother wavering against desire, an impoverished lobsterman enticed by tainted wealth, a young girl weighing life and death decisions, a small town cop with a murder on his hands . . . these are just a few of the citizens of Dublin, Maine, a picture postcard village overrun by desperate homeless people searching for the cure.

One of them has found the secret. Now the time has come to see if it will heal them, or if they’ll learn that some things are much worse than the disease.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes the worst thing you can do is to take away the thorn in your own side.


Year Title Description
2008 Christy Award for Suspense Winner

Why the author wrote this book:

I knew a man who drank non-stop for thirty years, and then he quit for ten. That last decade of sobriety was the most unhappy period of his life. I wanted to know why, so I wrote THE CURE.


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