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Destiny's Dream

By Delia Latham


Is a little respect too much to ask at a parent’s funeral?

Apparently it is for Destiny May. Clay Gallagher is built like a small mountain and far more vocal than is fitting when he shows up late to her mother’s “going away party.” When it turns out he’s not even at the right funeral, Destiny demands retribution in the form of an escape from the day’s dreary proceedings. Spending time with a handsome stranger who makes her laugh is more therapeutic than fighting with her overbearing family.

Clay finds Destiny beautiful, charming...and intelligent. So why is she stubbornly determined to open a Christian dating service? Clay has little respect for such a frivolous profession, and doesn’t think the small, conservative town of Castle Creek will welcome such a progressive business. But when Destiny is threatened by an anonymous caller who deeply resents her and what she does for a living, Clay makes it his business to keep the saucy redhead out of harm’s way.

Trouble is, spending time in her company weakens his defenses, and Destiny may be the one thing Clay can’t escape...if he even wants to.

Book Takeaway:

If God says it, it is so. No amount of controversy or conflict can make a thing wrong if God says it's right. And He's given us some powerful tools to help us through the dark days that lead up to victory...

Why the author wrote this book:

After reading a book based around a dating agency ten years or more ago, I was fascinated with the concept of a Christian dating service owned and operated by a young Christian woman. I didn't immediately start writing it, but the idea stuck, and as I mulled it over and played with it in my mind, God began to add some things to the initial idea. Eventually it became a series, instead of a single book - and a couple little touches of the divine came into play, as well. I love what God did with this series!


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