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Book of Days

By James L. Rubart


God’s Book of Days. A record of the past, present, and future of every soul. Some say it’s fable. Others are sure it’s real, hidden somewhere on Earth...

If Cameron Vaux can’t find it, he will lose everything.

“You will lose your mind. When it starts happening … you must find the Book of Days.”
When Cameron’s dying father delivers this message, he brushes it off. Lose his memory? He’s only twenty-five. Find a book that doesn’t even exist. Foolishness. Nothing more than the product of his father’s dementia.

But now, eight years after his father’s death, it’s happening. Chunks of Cameron’s life are just--gone. Even memories of his wife, killed two years ago, have slipped away. Could it be…? Is his father’s eerie prediction coming true?

Desperate, Cameron determines to fulfill his father’s last wish. He will find the Book of Days. But when a lead takes him to the small town of Three Peaks, Oregon, Cameron realizes dark secrets are at work. The townspeople, warm as apple pie at first, turn cold as liquid nitrogen when Cameron mentions the Book. As his mind works against him, Cameron discovers that friends may be enemies.

And the one person Cameron can’t stand? She might well be his strongest ally.

But there are others seeking the Book. Others who will stop at nothing to get it. And they’re closer than Cameron ever imagined…

Book Takeaway:

I want people to realize that God holds every precious memory we have ever created in the palm of his hand. That nothing is lost. That the moments of joy we long to relive again are recorded in His book. I want to give comfort to people who have family or friends dying from Alzheimer’s. Another theme is letting go. Two of the main characters in Book of Days need to let go emotionally of their late spouses. Knowing that their lives are recorded in God’s book is an integral part of that letting go process.

Why the author wrote this book:

Ten years back, when my dad’s mind started slipping, I wondered where his memories were going. Were they collected somewhere? Did God hold onto them for the day when my father would get his glorified body? When I found Psalm 139:16 I was thrilled to discover the answer is yes. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be fascinating to explore the idea of God’s book of days existing on earth.


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