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Leave Me Never

By Connie Stevens


Does God keep His promises? Mama always said He did, but Tessa isn't too sure. How many times did Mama tell her God would never leave her or forsake her? she is, stuck in Willow Creek, Iowa, with no food, no money, no home, no job. No future. Mama is dead and Papa left in the night without a word of farewell. Where are God's promises now? Maybe Papa was right, and she really is worthless--so worthless even God doesn't care about her.
When Gideon Maxwell met Tessa, he never expected to find love. His own problems are overwhelming--his business is failing, his dreams look more doubtfull by the minute, and his adversary has a choke hold on the town. But in the midst of everything, he can't get Tessa out of his mind.
Gideon knows that God will work all things out for good, but how does he convince Tessa, especially when it seems like evil is winning...

Book Takeaway:

Every day we encounter people who are struggling with different aspects of life. Many times that struggle leaves them feeling discouraged and frustrated, like their lives are too insignificant for anyone else to care or take notice. I pray the readers of LEAVE ME NEVER will realize their worth comes from who they are in Christ, and that God sees them as precious and valuable.

Why the author wrote this book:

Jesus used the vehicle of storytelling (parables) to impart spiritual truths to His followers. My desire is that God will use this story to communicate His unfailing love and tender mercies.


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