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The Map across Time

By C. S. Lakin


The walled kingdom of Sherbourne is under a curse, and unless a remedy is found, will fall to utter ruin. The king, obsessed with greed and under the influence of corrupt councilors, fears treachery from his son, Prince Adin, who yearns only for his father’s approval . Adin sets out to capture the elusive firebird, to win his father’s love, but learns that the only hope for Sherbourne is to uncover the source of the curse—set in motion three centuries earlier—and counteract it. Adin acquires a magical map that sends him back to Sherbourne’s beginnings, unaware his twin sister, Aletha, has followed in his footsteps. Both arrive in Sherbourne’s past, in a turbulent time of war. They must find the Keeper, the one who watches over the sacred site, before the besieged city falls, but calamity strikes. Adin must return to the future and manipulate events in the stream of time to assure the success of his mission—though his actions come at great cost to both him and Aletha.

Book Takeaway:

That God is always in control, and directs our lives, bringing us hope and into a relationship with him.

Why the author wrote this book:

To create an epic fairy tale that shows how God uses the simple, weak, inconsequential of the world to accomplish his great purposes.


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